First advices for beginner in programing


For someone who has just starting to learn programing php or other language.. i just wanna share something that i didn’t do when i was learning programing at the first time -_-!! and Since you are not immortal and maybe someone will work with your code after. you better and strongly recommended to doing these :


1. Plan your project

Plan your project before you decided to write something..!! you can create mockup or anything similar like flowchart or diagram. and design your DB scheme too!! it’s usefull to avoid infinite debugging.

2. Code Convention

Since writing codes is a habit ( for me, a habit is difficult to change.. in other word need times to change it), so try to write your code following standard rule convention from now on.

I prefer to choose the first one.


3. Commenting your code.

commenting your code to descripting what does it mean. it’s usefull if you are in team or not.


4. Test Driven Development.

Test-driven development is a programming technique that requires you to write actual code and automated test code simultaneously. This ensures that you test your code—and enables you to retest your code quickly and easily, since it’s automated.

Testing your code is annoying, but the impact of not doing so can be orders of magnitude more annoying!

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