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First advices for beginner in programing

For someone who has just starting to learn programing php or other language.. i just wanna share something that i didn’t do when i was learning programing at the first time -_-!! and Since you are not immortal and maybe someone will work with your code after. you better and strongly recommended to doing these : […]

Tags : tutorial php tutorial programing

TuneWiki Android music player application with real time lyric

TuneWiki is an android music player application that support streaming real time lyric. you can play song from your local SD Card and TuneWiki will search the lyric automatically and show the lyric little by little following your song tempo. it’s nice application if you like karaoke. you can download application here : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tunewiki.lyricplayer.android&hl=en   […]

Tags : android application android music player application